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A.A. in Treatment Settings

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Model: P27
Manufacturer: AAWS

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Shares experience of treatment facility administrators and of A.A.s who have carried the message into these facilities.
A.A. in Your Community

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Model: P31
Manufacturer: AAWS

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Six-page folder explains how A.A. is geared to work in any community to help alcoholics. Prepared especially to help groups, central offices, and ... more info
A.A. Meeting In A Pocket

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Model: MP-1
Manufacturer: SEPIA

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Weight: 0.02000lbs

A small pocket-sized booklet containing all you need to have a meeting: the Preamble, How It Works, the 12 Steps/Traditions and various prayers and ... more info
A.A. Meeting Sign

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Model: M30
Manufacturer: AAWS

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White and blue plastic disc, 8 ½” diameter; for display outside meeting rooms.
A.A. para la Mujer

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Model: SP5
Manufacturer: AAWS

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Historias que relatan las experiencias de mujeres alcohólicas de toda edad, clase, y condición.   A.A. for the Woman (pamphlet)
A.A. Preamble Placard

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... more info
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Model: M10
Manufacturer: AAWS

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Description of A.A.; two colors on heavy cardboard, 19" x 29".
A.A. Service Manual - Large Print

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Model: BM33
Manufacturer: AAWS

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Weight: 2.00000lbs

A.A. Tradition--How it Developed

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Model: P17
Manufacturer: AAWS

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  Bill W.'s 1946-1947 Grapevine articles on the Traditions trace the evolution of principles for A.A. unity and growth.
A.A.'s Legacy of Service

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Model: P44
Manufacturer: AAWS

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In this foreword to The A.A. Service Manual, Bill W. describes the beginnings of group and general services, the origin of the Traditions, and the ... more info
AA Preamble

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Model: MS01
Manufacturer: AA Grapevine

Price: $2.10

Weight: 0.01000lbs

The AA Preamble was composed by an editor of Grapevine and introduced in the June 1947 issue.

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